Deionization Systems

The highest purity water is produced with the use of deionization or a combination of deionization and reverse osmosis. Aqua Systems Commercial and Industrial Division offers deionizers via onsite regenerable units or service exchange tanks. Service exchange eliminates the need for onsite regeneration, therefore, reducing utility and neutralization costs.

Aqua Systems operates and maintains our own resin regeneration plant, allowing us to control unit quality and performance.

Deionizers are available in dual bed, mixed bed or combinations of both. Arrangements include strong acid/weak acid, as standalone systems or in combination with strong base and weak base units, according to your needs. We pride ourselves on consistently providing the highest quality, longest lasting DI exchange tank, which equates to a better product at a lower price per gallon of treated water.

We offer standard feature units as well as custom feature systems. Available accessories include pretreatment, storage tanks, distribution pumps, controls, monitors, ultraviolet units, sub-micron filtration and more.

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