Project Experience

This equipment is built using 42” diameter lined and painted pressure vessels and 2” steel valve nest for system cycle operation. Custom built internal sampling distributors were placed at the greensand – anthracite interface allowing water samples to be drawn by regulating agencies. A separate inlet air header is in place to allow air scouring of the greensand during backwash. Custom controls were added allowing additional cycle control of air injection for bed scouring and treated water refill.

Major design requirements included custom built tanks meeting overall height restrictions, triple bed of garnet, greensand and anthracite on gravel support bed, treated water backwash, air scour headers, differential pressure control and continuous feed chemical injection. System design flow is 100 gpm through 3” header. System was placed in operation in May 2003.Pictures shown illustrate make-up of each tank assembly and lower dual distribution. The lower distribution illustrates the upper air scour header lateral and lower hub radial outlet.

This fully assembled DI system allows a user to obtain high quality DI water as needed. When not in use the system maintains water quality eliminating the need for rinse to quality while allowing instant water on demand. This system is packed with user friendly features. This series is available in a wide range of tank sizes and flow rates.

This system features a user friendly PLC (Programmable Logic Control) with an easy to use operator interface, quality instrumentation, recirculation pump, pressure gauges, sampling valves and manual operators. Field operation allows the user to adjust operating modes to fit individual needs through a wide variety of operating modes. These include various modes in manual, semi- automatic and automatic operations.

Installation of the packaged system is of plug and play design. Just connect to the common inlet, outlet and drain connections, install media’s and bring in an 110V 60Hz electrical source. Place the regenerate chemical drums and the system is ready to go.

Understanding system operation and care is crucial to long term performance satisfaction. Here at Aqua Systems we understand everyone’s needs are different. We offer training in many formats, Including: on-site, in situ, on-site classroom and external workshops. Training is tailored to the audience being served. An audience may consist of any combination of operators, maintenance personnel, engineering personnel, lab technicians, etc. Aqua Systems provides more than just equipment. Our goal is to meet your needs with performance equipment, reliable service and technical support. Quite simply we are here to support you.

This water softener system features progressive flow demand operation allowing multiple units to be on or off line dependent on rate of service flow demand. It utilizes direct brine feed from an exterior bulk salt unit to eliminate the extra cost and space of interior brine tanks and manual salt fill. Unit construction utilizes side mount multi-port valves with 3” inlet/outlet piping. The system includes brine reclaim and salt pit auto water fill operation. This water softener system is designed to fit into a specific installation area. Working closely with the customer we tailored the equipment by side mounting control valves and shortened the overall tank height. Each vessel is 42” diameter with 30 cubic feet of resin.

This packaged system utilizes 72” diameter tanks, each holding 100 cubic feet of high capacity water softening resin with 6” inlet and outlet valve nest face piping and brine recovery. The system is controlled by a user friendly PLC with word reading operator interface. The control allows the operator to configure the system to his/her individual needs. Operating configurations include full automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

Units individually monitor and transmit service flow rate to the PLC for operation decisions. Once operator trip points have been met additional units are automatically placed on or off line to meet field specified requirements.

Brine recovery has been built in as an automated part of regeneration. Automated brine recovery allows this system to operate at the lowest possible salt usage, providing savings with every regeneration.

The pictured PEDI tanks polish RO treated water prior to delivery into a stainless steel High Purity Loop. Two banks of tanks are shown, each bank having (8) eight tanks. One bank is treating recirculated storage and loop water while the other treats RO product water.

Systems begin with standard layout drawings before being tailored to the requirements of each application. The Aqua Systems portable exchange deionizer provides the highest quality and most consistent capacity available in the industry.

Pictured units are for a blend application to maintain 5-grain hardness in treated water supply. The incoming hard water is blended with softened water to reduce overall hardness to 5 grains per gallon. Blend ratio is maintained throughout a wide range of flow. Two different size systems are shown. Each duplex is intended for installation at different areas with the same facility. Each system includes metered alternating operation with lead free brass multiport valves. Blending valve (not shown) is steel constructed. The valving automatically proportions the blend ratio to maintain a consistent blend stream regardless of flow. Left hand units are 42” FRP vessels with 30 ft3 of resin in each and 3” multiport top mount valve. Right hand units are 24” FRP vessels with 10 ft3 of resin in each and 3” multiport top mount valve.

The following is an abbreviated list of our customers. Our broad range of experience allows us to support various Commercial and Industrial (C/I) water treatment applications. Aqua Systems maintains a total commitment to quality featuring a staff of certified professionals and products with performance validations.

This list is meant to represent a broad range of applications. Contact names and equipment type are not listed, but are available upon request (

AIT Laboratories
All Water Systems
Ball Corporation
Beltway Surgical Center
Boston Scientific
Brenntag Mid South
Carrier Corp.
Community Hospitals
Covance Laboratories Inc.
Dow Agro Sciences
Duke Energy
Eskenazi Health
Ferguson Enterprises
Fresenius Medical Services
GE Appliances
Indiana Precision Forge
Indiana University
Indiana University Health
Ingersol Rand
IVC Industrial Coatings. Inc
Johnson Memorial Hospital
Kentucky Chrome Works, LLC
Kindred Hospital
Klinge Enameling
Major Tool and Machine
Miller Industrial Fluids
Purdue University
Riverview Hospital
SMC Corporation of America
St. Vincent Hospital
Sun King Brewing Co.
Temple Inland Inc
United Hospital Services
Vivolac Cultures
Wishard Health Services
This packaged Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, complete with pretreatment for the production of high quality water. A backwashable carbon filter protects membranes against oxidation damage from chlorinated feed water supplies. Protection against membrane fouling from feed water hardness is provided by a Smart Choice™ water softener and brine tank combination. System installation requires a single feed water connection, a single treated water outlet connection and one drain line connection. Power requirements of pictured unit are 120 volt 60Hz, 1-phase supply for the pretreatment and 230 volt, 60Hz, 3-phase for the RO unit. Similar systems of various flows and power requirements are available.

Plug and Play

This packaged Plug and Play system features multi-media filters and water softening units. With Plug and Play each unit offers single point connections for electrical power and piping. All controls are low voltage solid state and factory programmed for on-site conditions. The power supply is a single 120 volt 60 Hz drop. The common inlet piping and common outlet piping are 3” flanged and each system includes a single 2” flanged drain line. The water softener includes duplex brine pumps with a common 1” flanged brine line. All piping is schedule 80 PVC with flanged butterfly valves. Each unit includes individual inlet/outlet sample valves and pressure gauges. The multi-media system utilizes 36” diameter tanks each holding 20 cubic feet of depth filtration bedding. The efficiency of the various media layered in each tank provides highly filtered water with maximum turbidity removal by trapping larger particles at the top of the bed and smaller particles in each filter layer. Operation of the filter system is parallel flow.

System design requirements are 150 GPM 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.